Getting the right horse rug fit is so tricky at times. We have been taught to get used to one brand of horse blanket and how they fit our horse, and switching brands can be a mine field. So how do Jojubi horse rugs fit? We say true to size, but what does that mean when it comes to your horse?

With some rugs made for overseas conditions, it is easiest to know where to measure when choosing your correct rug size. In Australia, we measure rugs from the middle of the chest where the rug meets, to the end of bum (where the rug will finish) in a horizontal line. In New Zealand, blankets are measured from the front of the wither to the top of the dock of the tail.

Both Australia and New Zealand measure in feet and inches (the USA measures horse rugs in cms, but that is a story for another time).
If you measure your horse chest to bum and it measures 6’2, then you would choose a 6’3 in the Jojubi rug range. Our rugs measure the same across summer and winter, so you never need to choose a different size when ordering with us. Going up slightly in size is always better than going down 2 inches in size as you will have a gap at either the chest closure or at the rump.

When fitting your horse rug, ensure the rug is sitting nicely in front of the wither and the neck line is nicely across the top of the shoulder muscle. Horse rugs should never sit low at the chest, behind the shoulder muscle or wither.

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