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Cotton Show Set Horse Rug


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If you want lovely quality and a great fit – then the new and improved Jojubi Saddlery Show Set is for you!
Each show set comes with Rug, Hood and Tailbag, and is made from lovely soft cotton. The striking colour combination of Black cotton with white and teal binding will look fabulous on any horse.

* Double chest strap
* Double binding
* Lined mane and chest

The teal on this show set looks great with the Jojubi teal Lycra hood.

Sizes 4’6 – 6’9 true to size.


Jojubi Saddlery

Jojubi Saddlery
jojubi saddlery new brand logo

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Weight 1.6 kg

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40 reviews for Cotton Show Set Horse Rug

  1. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Leah Moran (verified owner)

    Just love it, a perfect fit, beautiful colours

  2. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Kiara Becsi (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, fit and style

  3. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Casey M. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit as always, got a lot of comments at the comp today, great quality and love the colour!

  4. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Jacqui (verified owner)

    Lovely rug

  5. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Sarah Crossen (verified owner)

    This is the 5th show set I purchased- great quality and look fantastic

  6. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Maryann Schuemaker (verified owner)

    Love your rugs

  7. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Belinda Yorke (verified owner)


  8. 5

    (40 Previews)

    cheree (verified owner)

    love the rugs will buy again

  9. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Kelley Jones (verified owner)

    Brilliant Service, price and most of all excellent quality

  10. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Shelley (verified owner)

    Fantastic value

  11. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Tayla Fletcher (verified owner)

    Love my new show set it is of such high quality. Had it on my boy for the first time this weekend and a lot of other riders commented on how lovely it looked and how soft but durable the fabric felt compared to other well know showsets that the own.

  12. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Melissa (verified owner)

    Great fit, lovely quality

  13. 4

    (40 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality loved the colours looks amazing on my filly

  14. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Amy B. (verified owner)

    Very happy with it

  15. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Kayla G. (verified owner)

    Great quality

  16. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Lesley M. (verified owner)

    Beautiful rugs great quality

  17. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Toni scown (verified owner)

    fit great just love them

  18. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Jaki F. (verified owner)

    Excellent service, quick postage

  19. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Morgen Schneider (verified owner)

    Really great quality and fit!

  20. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Michelle (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this rug set Thankyou so much

  21. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Melissa Kinerson (verified owner)

    The quality of this set is amazing, fits beautifully and excellent price.
    Would have to be the best set I have ever bought, love it

  22. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    For a male Showjumper this will look great on my Entire Team . Max Height Showjuming

  23. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Lesley McAliece (verified owner)

    Love the quality and the look

  24. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Tracy W. (verified owner)

    great quality and fit ! Excellent service

  25. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Tania Horder (verified owner)

    Beautiful rug, fit perfectly!

  26. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Marianne Donnelly (verified owner)

    great rugs

  27. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Corina Fangmeier (verified owner)

    Great product exactly what I ordered. Great quality

  28. 5

    (40 Previews)

    mia dwyer (verified owner)

    absolutely amazing quality

  29. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Jenny Sayle (verified owner)

    Thank you. Lovely quality and do have to say the boys look extremely sexy in their new show rugs 🙂

  30. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Shea (verified owner)

    Lovely rug, fits well, quality fittings

  31. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  32. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Marita Hurst (verified owner)

    Great quality, looks very fancy

  33. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Catherine Dennis (verified owner)

    Perfect fit lovely design

  34. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Anne B. (verified owner)

    A really Lovely set

  35. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Amanda M. (verified owner)

    Beautiful material quality product will be ordering a spare

  36. 5

    (40 Previews)

    kelly (verified owner)

    love it , great fit

  37. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Lisbeth (verified owner)

    Great product! Would love to have the entire team in them!

  38. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Lisbeth Height (verified owner)

    fantastic quality and great fitting design. excellent hard wearing fittings. couldn’t be happier with our rugs.

  39. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Amanda HOSIE (verified owner)

    Fits perfect

  40. 5

    (40 Previews)

    Kelly Aiken (verified owner)

    Great rug at a great price.

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Cotton Show Set Horse Rug

Cotton Show Set Horse Rug


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